CFP: “F.R.O.G.” Wien September 2016

CFP: “10th Vienna Games Conference – FROG 2016 -Beyond gameplay – game cultures and game practices”


Diesen September findet in Wien im Rahmen der “Game City” die zehnte FROG-Konferenz im Wiener Rathaus statt. Bis zum 13. Juni können Abstracts dazu eingereicht werden.

“Videogames have become one of the most influential cultural forms für younger Generations and games are currently a natural part of many people’s lives. Game culture is expanding into numerous Domains and the identity of a gamer today encompasses numerous practices that are not necessarily about gameplay. Games are remediated into movies, symphony orchestras perform concerts with Music from famous Videogames and industries such as clothing companies, toy manufacturers and book Publishers use Videogame themes.

As seen before international keynote-speakers and Austrian experts in this field will talk in the context of FROG about recent topics of gaming and foster a broad public discussion about them. The event will be completed with the FROG Junior Experts Day, organized by the Danube University of Krems and St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences. It is powered by the Austrian Ministry of Families and Youth, the City of Vienna and the Danube University of Krems and conducted by Playful Solutions. The FROG 2016 is free accessible to everyone, registration on the website is recommended.”

Nähere Informationen sind hier zu finden.

Eugen Pfister

Eugen Pfister leitet das SNF-Ambizione-Forschungsprojekt "Horror-Game-Politics" an der Hochschule der Künste Bern - HKB. Er forscht zu digitalen Spielen als historische Quellen (

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